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FAQS About Amazon Marketing Services


Where are the ads displayed? The ads can be presented on the detail page of the product on the right side of the search results or at the bottom part of search results, even in the review page of the clients, on the read all review page, at the top part of the provide listing page as well as in the Amazon-produced ad emails such as recommendations and follow ups. The product display ads will run over the desktop, mobile app and mobile web.


Where are the shoppers directed when they click your ads? Once the shoppers click your ads, they will then be directed right away to the product details page.


What will happen if your items went out of stock? The very moment that the items are out of stock, the product display ads will be temporarily paused. Once the items are back in stock, then the campaign will continue on its running state and as long as this takes place within the settled campaign flight. Keep in mind that there can be a delay of about 4 hours if this will happen.


How much does the product display ad costs? The Best Amazon Marketing Services make use of an auction-based pricing model as well as cost per click. It is highly recommended that you set the full cost per click that you are eager to pay. The more cutthroat your bid is, then the more chances that your ad will be presented. The minimum price for the cost per click for the product display ads is about 0.02 dollars.


Is there any least budget? For the product display ads, you capable of selecting a budget for day to day or for a campaign the budget. The smallest amount of budget you can set is about $1. And the least campaign budget is about $100. In addition, you will only be required to pay the actual cost of the clicks attained and not more than the budget you have set.


Are there any full length in running your campaign? You can set the schedule for your campaign and choose to keep it running for about 4 months or even up to 6 months. You can also learn more marketing tips by checking out the post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/video-marketing/.


What do I need to know about headline search ads? This kind of ad are actually keyword focused cost per click ads that permit the brands to advertise at least three or more Zanoma products as well as create traffic to their brand page or to a landing page in the Amazon website.